The Joy of Quiet

Happy New Year everyone.

Are you looking for a fresh start to 2012? Want a resolution that just feels right and ahead of the game? The top article in the New York Times yesterday is onto something that we Greek Islanders have known for ages, namely that a week with no telecommunications is one of life’s great luxuries and the secret to a quiet soul. Check out this article, and then call us to book a luxury villa on Koufonissia in the Lesser Cyclades, or Naxos, or Serifos……. how nice in these times of austerity  to be able to offer you the latest in lifestyle luxuries absolutely free of charge

 For the moment that is.

We in the maketing department are no slouches, let me tell you, and might soon be offering  Premium-rated  “Internet-free, blackberry-free Villa Weeks”,  that can be booked by the doctors, spouses and PA’s of over-worked, hyper-linked  executives.  Perhaps we can even do a deal with a private health insurance company – spend a week on a Greek island with lousy mobile reception and stuttering internet, with a pwer-failure thrown in, and get a reduction in your premium……we are open to ideas!

The Joy of Quiet

The beach below is not on Google, facebook, can’t be tweeted, but can be strolled down to via  the wooden gate at the bottom of the garden of our villa Serifos 3Z.

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